Job Summary

Oversees the day-to-day operational activities of the FQHC clinics and responsible for planning, coordinating, directing and monitoring all operational aspects in accordance with regulatory requirements, in conjunction with providing effective leadership to staff and oversee the delivery of quality, cost-effective patient care. Works with the physician practice lead(s) and/or clinical staff, leadership and provider recruitment, development and retention. Reports to the Executive Director/Administrator.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages the daily operations of multiple outpatient medical practices with several providers, by providing overall direction and guidance to clinical and front office staff.
  • Assists staff with the implementation of clinics goals, policies procedures, and reporting tools through effective use of performance metrics and financial results.
  • Executes operational budgets, capital equipment lists; monitor clinics activity and justify variances when necessary; implement effective tools to improve operational efficiency and control costs, including payroll, ordering of supplies, and inventory.
  • Creates an environment that supports high employee and physician engagement. Strategically selects, on boards, continuously develops, rewards, retains, and provides transparent performance feedback to all staff, leaders, and physicians.
  • Ensures that operational staff members receive timely and appropriate training and development, as well as periodic evaluations and reviews. Establishes and monitors assigned staff performance and competencies, assign accountabilities, set objectives, and establish priorities
  • Ensures compliance for various accrediting bodies and government agencies such as HRSA, CMS, CDPH, State Programs and health plans and performs all necessary reviews, audits, education, and training to maintain compliant status.
  • Oversees reporting and monitoring of organizational performance metrics: In specific, identify, collect, and analyze outcome metrics consistent with the organizations business plan, health services plan, state programs and selected foundation grant-funded programs
  • Direct, establish, upgrade, implement, and sophisticate an appropriate system of policies, internal controls, and procedures
  • Determines physical maintenance and equipment needs and repairs and coordinates with internal or external resources. Resolves problems relating to the facilities on a day-to-day basis to ensure the environment support our employees engagement and meets our patients expectations.
  • Collaborates with executive management to build and maintain community partnerships and relationships to attract new customers, retain existing customers and support brand positioning.
  • Coordinates provider schedule and the scheduling of patients. Monitor patient flow and ensure appointment software reflects provider schedule/availability.
  • In conjunction with the Medical Director, works to enhance providers efficiency and, when necessary, assist in resolving clinic-related issues.
  • Ensure the clinic maintains a professional facility appearance both indoors and outdoors.
  • Provides highest level of patient experience by ensuring data is monitored on a regular basis and staff are constantly exhibiting behaviors and services that our patients expect and deserve. Coach staff as appropriate to optimize the patient experience and lead by example creating a personalized experience for customers. Proactively leads service recovery activities. Communicates findings, recommendations, and corrective action strategies, if relevant, to the executive management team
  • Based on projected health plans enrollment, visits, and utilization, monitors the impact of growth on the facilities existing space plan; propose, plan and direct facility expansion and enhancement projects if required.
  • On a weekly basis, and as needed, reports operational issues, organizational opportunities and issues to the Operations Meeting. Identifies critical issues that require the attention of the Executive Director, and make recommendations for addressing and/or resolving these issues.
  • Ensures all PHI information is maintained in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Arranges and facilitates monthly staff meetings to educate and train staff and to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Promotes a culture of risk-managed, patient-centered, values-based, high-performance and continually improving practice that values learning and a commitment to quality
  • Performs at least monthly facility reviews to ensure clinic is being maintained properly and meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Identifies best practices and improve internal systems, including the EMR system, with an eye toward future needs and budget realities
  • Ensures that the appropriate controls and revenue management policies, procedures and systems are in place to allow for billing and collection effectiveness, including the review of medical records for compliance and billing requirements.
  • Works closely with health plans, IPAs and other medical group to provide seamless and integrated service to our patients and increase patient volume
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Must have proven ability to drive team and individual performance to reach or exceed key performance metrics.
  • Knowledge of UDS, HEDIS and other reporting metrics
  • Knowledge of Public Programs requirements and compliance, such as Family PACT, CPSP, VFC, CAIR, CHDP, Every Woman Counts.
  • Knowledge of Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) compliance preferred.
  • Knowledge of E-clinical works workflow and data extraction/reporting preferred.
  • Experience working with clients or patients and staff from diverse socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Education and Experience

  • Associates or Bachelors degree in healthcare administration, public health, business, finance or related field.

Minimum of two years experience as a supervisor, manager or director in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

FLSA STATUS:                   EXEMPT

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