CPHW/Medical Assistant

Job Summary

The CPSP Worker (CPHW)/Medical Assistant (MA) position provides CPSP support services as well as clinic support in the BeverlyCare Women’s Health Clinic. The CPHW interacts with pregnant and postpartum patients as they navigate BeverlyCare and community prenatal services. This position provides direct clinical care and health education to patients, assistance with operational support, and is responsible for a variety of clerical, lab, education, and follow-up duties. Time spent in each role will be determined by clinic need. This position reports to the Clinic Manager.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts face-to-face interviews perinatal patients to identify opportunities and facilitate efforts to expand services or increase patient access into support programs under CPSP Protocols.
  • Provides ongoing orientation, assessments, and reassessments; makes the appropriate referrals when needed to perinatal patients under CPSP Protocols.
  • Assists clients with access to Medi-Cal by providing Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women per Medi-Cal guidelines.
  • Responsible for providing health education on an individual and group basis based on CPSP prenatal protocols.
  • Maintains a referral network through local partnerships or community agencies in order to enhance the services provided based on patients’ needs.
  • Maintains the CPSP protocols, the referrals network and other documentation needed for compliance up to date.
  • Assists patients to transition to Family PACT or our primary care physician as needed.
  • Coordinate the transfer of records to/from the hospital for continuity of care.
  • Coordinates and leads the team for CPSP survey preparations and ensures the clinic meets all requirements.
  • Ensures documentation and coding is completed for all CPSP and referrals services, and coordinates with billing for any errors.
  • Participates in training’s provided by the CPSP program to further education and keep current with industry changes, clinical requirements, communication with local and regional representatives of the CPSP program and is a liaison between BeverlyCare Health Educators and medical team.
  • Assists with review of patient chart prior to closure related to CPSP services.
  • Assures client charts are documented whenever telephone and face-to-face contact is made and completes documentation in EHR and in a timely manner.
  • Under Provider’s order is responsible for providing height, weight, vital signs, and brief history/chief complaint at each patient encounter.
  • Preforms urine dipsticks and urine pregnancy tests, with all applicable standards, regulations and medical clinic policy; ability to perform applicable injections as outlined in Medical Clinic Policy and Procedures.
  • Assists providers with Obstetrical and Gynecological procedures approved to perform as requested, and acts as assistant to the provider when clinic policy dictates that female be present for gynecological exams.
  • Medical Assistant duties includes rooming patients, taking and recording vital signs and other patient data, carry out appropriate standing orders, etc.)
  • Checks-out prenatal and postpartum patients after visit with the health educators (transmit orders, provide order instruction to patient, schedule follow-up appointments, prenatal PCP change, process referrals, etc.)
  • Assists with continuity of care by ensuring patients are receiving timely services as required, including post-partum care services.
  • Maintains the EDC log for all active prenatal patients up to date
  • Transcribes patient history and other tracked data elements into EMR
  • Responsible for inventory control, ordering supplies, and stocking exam rooms and maintaining ultrasound and gynecological instruments, including disinfecting and preparing for sterilization as needed.
  • Performs preparation of chart, including tracking of labs, imaging, referrals and procurement of medical records, for patient visits
  • Performs in-house testing, including pregnancy testing (if needed), and documents results, may perform other MA related duties such as vaccinations, EKG, assistance with OB/GYN procedures related to post partum care and examination, etc.
  • Assists with the ordering and maintaining supplies as well as organization of the prenatal education materials
  • Floats between clinics as needed to assist the team for coverage.
  • Follows-up with patients between visits regarding appointments, labs, referrals, etc.
  • Performs other duties and tasks as needed and developed by Prenatal Team

Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working at an OB/GYN clinic
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience as a CPHW
  • Desire to serve the community clinic population by providing quality health care
  • Fluent bilingual in Spanish/English
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrates ability to effectively use Electronic Health Records system (EHR)
  • Experience working in a FQHC preferred

Training, Education, and Licensure

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Recent completion of all CPSP trainings and certification as a Comprehensive Perinatal Services Worker (CPHW)
  • Graduation from an accredited Medical Assisting program with expectation that certification will be completed within 1 year of hire
  • Valid California Driver’s License, transportation available to meet job requirements.
  • CPT1 Phlebotomy State Certification preferred

Job Type: Part-time

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